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On the Rays of Light

This piece is inspired by the poem from Rabindranath Tagore. It is notated almost completely aleatoric except for some bi-tonal parts in which tubular bells, vibraphone and crotales produce an intriguing and enchanting atmosphere.
Percussion duo
(one part features a four octave vibraphone)
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A fast journey through musical history, combined with elegant dances. A capricious, humorous and surprising peace of music in four parts: Habanera, Abril (lento-moderato), Ensueño (menuetto) and Caos (allegro), this last part containing all the material of the first three pieces, completely piled up on each other.

Saxophone Quartet
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History of Tomorrow

Mysterious piece slightly influenced by George Crumb's Macrokosmos, starting with an impregnant ostinato in the percussion parts and picked up by the battuto in the violin. The bass clarinet and violin continue with a whimsical poem, disturbed by timpani and colored by the vibraphone part.
Violin, bass clarinet, percussion quartet*
(*timpani, bongos and toms, triangles and cymbal, vibraphone)
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