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Guess what?
I'm very sorry, goddess, for my devotion to you.

YES, women inspire me.

Because they are the much better, more intelligent and sensitive, stronger, more beautiful and elegant version of the weaker subgroup of humanity, called men.

YES, I'm entirely found of women's shoes.

A woman's foot, could it be the ultimate and refined version of a kind of 'other' nudity for 'another kind' of man, thus when covered in high-heeled boots mysterious and attractive, when partially uncovered in an elegant shoe exciting enough to be the subject of art?

My personal answer: it is. So when thinking about a fancy name for my website and shaping some ideas about the look of it, I chose this link between a passion and a fantasy.

If you cannot beat the feeling of suspicion against my mental health or the kind of man I am, don't worry. Even the 'awful womanizer' Roald Dahl's original approach to the modern fairy tale clearly shows he was an advocate of female power. Although The Witches was on many a list of ‘books to ban’ due to alleged sexism, The Culture Trip argues that Dahl has actually taught the world some really valuable lessons about feminism. (Eva Menger)

Allow me to quote Pablo Neruda:

“But I love your feet 
only because they walked 

upon the earth and upon 
the wind and upon the waters, 
until they found me.”

Wim Lasoen, may 2016.
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