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the music of Wim Lasoen
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The Belgian composer, conductor and multi-instrumentplayer Wim Lasoen is the artistic director of the renowned MUDA Arts Centre in Evergem, near Ghent (Belgium). He studied marimba, orchestral and solo percussion, chamber music, jazz and composition in the conservatoires of Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent.

A small amount of the music of Wim Lasoen can be categorized as 'light' or programme music, but for the vast majority his larger compositions are intended to be modern architectural soundscapes, still with a strong urge for bringing back the importance and brilliance of melody and rhythm. Most of the time there are one or more well-hidden minimalistic cores in the orchestral pieces, which often evolve through multi-tonality and almost excessive layering of multiple musical ideas into grand maestoso's... or the total opposite.

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"My work is deeply influenced and inspired by the American 'post-style' composer John Adams. Although 'composing' my first piece for soprano recorder at the age of eight and finishing one electronic and one small band symphony during my french lessons at secondary school, I really and definitely got 'illuminated' by surprise, randomly renting a cd of John's
Harmonielehre recorded by Edo de Waart and the San Francisco Symphony, during my first year attending the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels. Ever since, Adams' music, personality and humanism is the blood through the veins of my building material and motives for writing."

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